What Are the Different Kinds of Disability Insurance?

Wellman Shew
3 min readApr 12, 2023

Short-term and long-term disability insurance are the two primary forms. These rules vary regarding what constitutes a disability, when payments may be started, and how long they endure.

The benefits from this insurance are about 60% of your pre-disability salary, although this may vary based on the policy and other conditions. Taxes are another crucial factor to consider.

Short-term disability insurance protects you if you cannot work due to an illness or accident. It pays a portion of your wages for some time (usually 40–70% of your pre-disability income).

Before taking a lengthy leave, it is a good idea to search for a short-term disability plan. This will give you an idea of how much your benefits will be and guarantee that you are not left with a significant financial burden if you cannot work.

Many criteria, including age, gender, initial conditions, and medical history, will determine your short-term disability insurance premium. You may be refused coverage or pay higher rates for your insurance based on your medical records.

In the case of a disability, long-term disability insurance protects your income. The insurance provides monthly benefits to replace a portion of your earned income until you can return to work or your benefit term expires.

Individual disability insurance (DI) is a private policy compensating you for some of your lost wages if you become incapacitated. This sort of insurance is often obtained on your own, is transferable, and is tax-exempt.

Meanwhile, you can keep your home operating smoothly by paying your expenses. However, you’ll need enough emergency reserves to last a few months or even longer if you’re disabled for a significant period.

If you believe you may need long-term disability insurance in the future, consider locking in at a low rate now. It becomes more costly as you age, so taking advantage of a favourable rate while young might save you a lot of money later.

A Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Disability plan, for example, has several built-in benefits and riders. A premium waiver, proportional disability compensation, guaranteed renewal, terminal illness, rehabilitation, and survivor benefits are among them.

A policy that covers a percentage of an employee’s salary if they are unable to work due to sickness or accident is known as group disability insurance. Typically, these plans restore around 60% of an employee’s pre-disability salary.

However, it is crucial to remember that many group plans do not include bonuses and commissions in their income calculations. According to Ryan, this might result in benefits that are less than 60% of the individual’s salary.

Speak with a specialist from The Benefits Group if you are wondering if group disability insurance is the right option. They can help you select the best plan for your requirements while staying within your budget.

Whatever you decide, it is always a good idea to secure your family’s financial future with high-quality disability insurance coverage. It may also assist you in maintaining your competitive edge in recruiting and keeping top employees.

The amount of coverage provided by individual insurance will vary based on the definition of disability. The majority of policies define disability as a medically determined incapacity to work.

Some individual plans contain an “own-occupation” definition, which indicates that you may only get benefits if you cannot do your employment. Others define “any-occupation” as may pay benefits if you cannot work in any profession for which you are adequately qualified based on your education, training, or experience.

Some DI policies have a flat premium structure, whilst others have graded premiums, where your monthly payment rises as your income increases. It is critical to establish a balance between the quantity of insurance you need and your financial capacity to pay for it.



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